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              INDUSTRIAL PARK,WUDI,SHANDONG,CHINAZip code:25 1900
              +86-543-2159222 / 2159660 / 6381111

              Wudi Haili Hardware Co,Ltd.

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              Company Profile

              Wuyi Haili Hardware Co., Ltd. is located in Wuyi Industrial Park,Binzhou,Shandong,China.It covers an area of ??30,000 square meters, 18 million yuan in fixed assets, and an annual output value of 50 million yuan.
              The company is adjacent to 205 National Road and has convenient transportation. It specializes in the design,development, production and sales of stainless steel rigging, marine accessories, auto parts, and the use of high-tech wire drawing equipment to produce stainless steel wire and bar stock .
              The company produces over a thousand kinds of precision casting and forging products, including:shackles, chucks, flower blues, pulleys , collars, rotating rings, ring screw nuts, rings, D-rings, quick-connect rings , U-bolt, bollard, door clasp, joint bolt, butterfly nut, anchor , spring hook , hook hook , connector, wire rope accessories, ship accessories, auto parts and other products. According to customer requirements, we can design and produce other special-shaped stainless steel products. The
              The company has a professional precision casting production line, machining production base of CNC line;has advanced spectral analysis of quality testing equipment, to ensure that the product material; and standard dental regulations, pass regulations only check the product. Products are widely used in various engineering cranes, metallurgical mining equipment, port railway loading and unloading, forestry machinery, power equipment, aviation and maritime, land transport, factory and mining enterprises lifting, lifting, traction and food, medicine, medical, environmental protection, electromechanical Other industries.
              The company welcomes customers to order!